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The Place That’s Never Open Since 2000!

Van’s Burger

Established 2000

Frequently Asked Questions:

We've accumulated quite a list since our formation in 2000! Please, pick your question. Read them all and you'll know everything we know. When are you open? Thurs, Fri from 11 AM until 7 PM* ** *** Sat from 11 AM until 4PM *or until everybody in line has been served **unless it's Saturday, then there is always the possibility that we could run out of product, depending on demand, so don't wait until 6:45 unless you like to live dangerously. ***or if it's over 100 degrees causing the temperature to reach extremely uncomfortable conditions especially considering in the past we have stood there miserable and alone watching our sweet customers drive on by because they felt sorry for us and didn't want to make us work in the heat. What is the deal with your hours? We believe a small staff ensures the most consistent and quality experience and at the last staff meeting, nobody wanted to work more hours. We have, however vowed to make our winter break shorter. Can you believe we used to close between 2 and 5? Those were the days... I'm in line and it's 7 PM, what now? Rest assured that we will happily serve everybody in line. We'd rather have an earlier close time and work a little late than have a late close time and stand around wishing we were home on those nights everybody is off doing something else. How does the line work? In order to keep the driveway safely clear for cars coming off the Yelm Hwy, the overflow line (more than 4 cars to the right) quickly changes into a figure 8. If there are more than 4 cars in line at the Burger (on your right) the line forms to the left, around the SweetSpot fenceline. How long can I expect to wait in line? We strive for a 2-3 minute per car time. But sometimes one person in a car is ordering for 10 people waiting at home and sometimes somebody pulls up the speaker, finishes up their (riveting for both us and the patrons at the window) cell phone conversation, then proceeds to ask the 4 adorable kids in the back seat what they'd like to eat. So sometimes it's a bit longer but rest assured we're all working as hard as possible to keep things moving as fast as possible. Plus, you're already here so it makes no sense to take the time to drive to another place to end up disappointed (because there's a reason they don't have a line) when you can get a little appetizer from the SweetSpot. What is the SweetSpot? Officially It is the answer to the most requested items that we don't have room for in the Burger but it's really like the gravy on your Van's experience. There you can get freshly hand dipped all beef corn dogs, soft serve ice cream cones, real fruit, butterscotch & hot fudge shakes and sundaes custom created. Tater tots, freshly brewed iced tea, lemonade are also available. Why don't you have all of that inside the Burger? Because it's too small. Do you have meals/baskets? We originally had baskets. Then we began offering onion rings and milkshakes and then some wanted a drink, some didn't and it became quite complicated. Everything has been sold ala carte since 2002. What kind of sauce comes on the burger? It is a 1000 island type sauce. We are happy to subsitute your choice of condiments including mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, sweet relish and mayo. We also offer fry sauce, tartar, buttermilk ranch and Heinz ketchup for your dipping pleasure. What kind of cheeses do you have? American. Or no cheese. What kind of fries do you have? Cooked fresh to order, crinkle cut. Yes they are frozen. And please don't ask about the one day we served fresh cut fries. What kind of onion rings? Breaded and delicious. But you can just order onion rings and you'll get both. How many onions rings in an order? 6-8. What are frings? Patrons asked for it and in 2009 we rolled out the frings! It's a generous bag of mixed fries and onion rings. It contains a 1/2 order of fries and 4 rings and is a perfect choice for sharing or those that want a little of both. Do you have a kids' burger/meal? For freshness sake, we only carry one size bun and patty. We have always offered a price break on burgers that have condiments only. We have plastic knives for splitting burgers and generous fries perfect for sharing. What sizes shakes do you have? At the Burger,16 oz. The SweetSpot offers 12 and 20 oz. How big are your orders of fries? Do you have different sizes? Our fries are generous. A lot of people find they are ample to share, many think they're perfect just the way they are and an original patron liked chopping up the leftovers, sauteeing them with some onion & peppers and topping with a fried egg for breakfast. We only have the one size. What do you have for vegetarians? We can create anything with the plethora of meatless ingredients we have. We can pile diced onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions and cheese on a toasted and sauced bun or whip up a fried egg sandwich with spicy grilled onions. Grilled cheese with tomato? Frings? We can do that too! Do you have chicken? Fish? No. We feel a lot of places offer a generous selection for you 7 days a week and it's our goal to serve the best burger 3 days a week. Where do you get your burger? Our meat is 100% all natural, produced and grown in WA and custom processed for us by Tri City Meats. Your patty is always fresh, not frozen. What is that burger toy in the picnic area? It was an old McDonald's climber in the original outdoor playland. It was spotted on the junk pile of a church that was redoing their playground and painted all red. We painted it to the best of our memories but hope to restore it one day. Children of the 70's will remember the character as Sheriff Big Mac.